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Here’s How You Can Make More Money in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is one of the most successful PC games of this year. The cute water-color farming game can be played on PS4, Xbox One as well as on Nintendo Switch. When you start playing the simulator, you will be rewarded 500 pieces or 500g of shiny gold. Even though it sounds a lot, players quickly run out of them and soon, you will be waiting for more money while your harvested crops grow. Let's look at some tricks for you which will help in ushering more cash in your account quickly.

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While buying more seeds, make sure to invest your money carefully. Be careful when it comes to what crops to purchase and when. It is recommended to start by buying 2-3 cauliflower seeds since the finished crops worth a lot. You can also stock up on potatoes and turnip seeds. These crops are value for money and the harvest will give you way more than you spend on the seeds.

Knowledge about Valuable Crops
You must learn about the crops that are most valuable in a season. While cauliflowers are hit during the spring, you need to be aware of the crops which can get you more money per season. Go through the minimum prices you will get for all the crops in every season of the first year. This depends on the quality of the final product.

Another way of earning more is by saving up for your Greenhouse. Here, you can grow crops irrespective of the seasons. You can even grow crops during harsh winters in the Greenhouse.

Proper Seed Placement
Be mindful while dropping the seeds for planting. There is a trick through which you can potentially make a little more money just by strategically placing the seeds. While planting pumpkins, melons, and cauliflowers, try planting them in the 3x3 squares. This might increase the chances of the seeds growing into gigantic plants.

Ignoring the Animals
If you want to make your money-making expeditions more streamlined, do not invest in livestock initially. You can do that once you have earned a lot of gold. Don't make the mistake of spending on farm animals as it would be followed by you spending even more on their fodder and new friends.

When the winter comes, you would not get enough grass for the cattle and you’d end up spending dollars to buy hay to make the livestock survive.

Prioritizing Wood
After planting and watering the crop, start focusing on wood by chopping down trees. Wood is the primary resource to unlock new items and buildings on your farm. Start stockpiling wood for crafting useful items such as storage chests or if you are badly in need of cash, you can even sell the wood in desperate times.